Basic Plan

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Starting at $930.00


  • Remove pool cover and store on the Owner’s property.
  • Place pool circulation, filtration, and heater in use, in “as is” condition.
  • Remove winterization plugs and install Owner’s fittings.
  • Reassemble and install pool deck equipment, i.e. ladder, dive, etc.
  • Add initial shock and sanitizer to pool water (chemicals included).
  • Mesh covered pools will be vacuumed on day of opening.
  • Solid covered pools include up to one hour pump time and leaf removal;
    Debris will be placed in bags and left for the Owner to dispose.


  • Disassemble and store all pool deck equipment on Owner’s property.
  • Lower water level to proper winterization levels.
  • Drain and winterize circulation, filtration, and heating system.
  • Remove pool fittings and void all plumbing of water with compressed air and plug.
  • Add appropriate winter algaecides and stain inhibitor (chemicals included).
  • Install the Owner’s cover on pool.