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Weekly Stand Alone Spa/Fountain Plan (Two Payments)

$695.00 (per payment)
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Bi-Weekly Stand Alone Spa/Fountain Plan (Two-Payments)

$495.00 (per payment)
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Weekly Stand Alone Spa/Fountain Plan (Single)

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Bi-Weekly Stand Alone Spa/Fountain Plan (Single)

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Weekly Vacuum Service Plan

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Cover Storage


Lothorian will store your cover in our warehouse, Lothorian Pools will not be responsible for holes in the cover due to mice, insects, abrasions, transport, storage or handling.

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3000 Gallon Water Delivery


For our homeowners on a well, we recommend a scheduled 3,000 gallon water delivery by tanker truck. To avoid a return trip charge, please ensure that the water level is to the top of the tile line on your scheduled opening date.

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Winter Blanket


This plan includes three visits over the course of the winter months to monitor water levels, adjust water chemistry, inspect the cover and ensure that all winter plugs are still in place. This service is a great way to extend the longevity of your pool finishes as well as prevent unexpected repairs and get your…

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"We started by wanting a beautiful pool, we ended up with a change in lifestyle"

Dan Booth, Monkton, Maryland

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