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About Us

Our Passion is Pools

A Family Owner Pool Construction and Maintenance Company

Lothorian is one of Maryland’s largest and most successful swimming pool construction and service providers.

Family owned and operated for over 40 years, the Lothorian team is comprised of 60+ professionals including architects, swimming pool and interior designers, and service and construction professionals. This team, instantly recognizable in their "Lothorian Blue," seeks to redefine industry perceptions through professionalism, dedication, and excellence.

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Our Mission



Lothorian is dedicated to continually improving the quality of life for clients, employees and vendors through our passion for pools.



Constantly pursuing improvement, the Company seeks to provide a rewarding career with competitive pay and benefits. Lothorian invests in internal training programs to foster development and equip their team for success, resulting in market-leading retention and referrals.



Committed to providing the highest quality construction and maintenance, Lothorian emphasizes the belief that our pools transform backyards into vibrant hubs of relaxation and joy. Recognizing the significant investment our clients make, we aim to enhance their lifestyles by designing, building and servicing these pools with meticulous attention to detail.



Serving Central Maryland

Lothorian Pools proudly provides pool maintenance in Maryland to the following areas: Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County and Carroll County. If you are within our service area, simply contact us to set up your maintenance plan. If you are located outside our immediate service area, call Lothorian Pools and we can arrange to work within an extended service area to accommodate your needs.

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"We started by wanting a beautiful pool, we ended up with a change in lifestyle"


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